RS PocketBook

February 9, 2019

A popular interactive game guide for one of the biggest and longest running MMORPG titles.

RS PocketBook is a game guide for RuneScape, a long-running online game. While I started developing the RS PocketBook as a passion project with Blair Quinn in 2017, it has since become a leading game guide, recommended by the official RuneScape social media team and individual staff alike.

The RS PocketBook is currently an interactive PDF hosted on a web server. I am currently developing an open-source website to address space limitations and improve user
experience. The next step for the game guide is turning all of its 70+ pages into a fully functional website which keeps the aesthetics and stylistic choices made in the original guide.


  •  Learning advanced uses of InDesign master pages and layouts.
  •  Discovering optimisation techniques to make the PDF load quicker in browsers and locally (and reduce file size).
  •  A Discord community with over 1,400 members.
  • More than 1,200 monthly users accessing the website where the PDF is hosted.


  •  Being an active member in the game community to learn the best game techniques and latest updates.
  •  Update the guide at least once per month to keep it relevant.
  •  Keep project management up to date through Trello.
  •  Put together an update log.
  •  Convert Blairs written content into infographics and charts within the guide.
  •  Publish the updates on our web server, Google drive, Discord.
  •  Design, program and develop our website, and release beta’s for community feedback.