Industry Cyber Attacks

April 24, 2018

A vertically driven infographic targeted towards gamers, outlining the importance of online security.

This three-part infographic is made up of a visually and numerically complex multi-variate combination chart, a simple enclosed tree-diagram and an easy to read flow chart. It guides viewers through a series of events, outlining the number of attacks on large groups over a small amount of time, the types of common cyber attacks and how they effect industries, the costs involved and how individuals can help protect themselves online.


  • A refined, high-quality infographic targeting a specific demographic and adopting a specific visual style.


  • Research, analyse data and create charts.
  • Apply an appropriate and relevant visual style.
  • Remove excess chart junk, and any forms that hinder readability.
  • Follow Kosara’s principles, allowing the data to form the image.