Best Super

October 30, 2016

A powerful, responsive website ready to be adapted into a dynamic website.

BestSuper is a fictional superannuation provider with the goal of converting their printed magazines to an  eMagazine platform. With the goal of delivering specific content to a range of audiences, I opted to design a websites tailored for their 29 and under demographic.

To help connect with this demographic, I aimed to design a website that was quite reliant on imagery, as well as short, sharp, to the point articles that were informative and easy to understand. The website also includes an  ever-changing recent article feed found on every page, a feature article segment on the homepage and testimonials; all held together in a mobile-safe, responsive layout.


  • A completely responsive, static website.
  • Well categorised and structured content hierarchy.
  • An easy to navigate layout, with accessible content.


  • Select and design for one specific target group.
  • Generate a brand identity, logo and theme.
  • Research and write a number of articles for the eMagazine.
  • Gather and optimise images and assets.
  • Hand code a static, responsive website from scratch.