About Me

A Front End Developer

Hiya, I’m Rhys

Hola, I’m Rhys. I study interactive, visual and games design at QUT Brisbane. Getting to the city was tough and required me to travel half way across the world—all the way from Tasmania!

My passions lay in helping others, giving out cheeky grins, drinking copious amounts of Milo, delving into a pack of Arnott’s Assorted Cream Biscuits and saying G’day!


When it comes to design, I am passionate about making a cohesive, cross-platform experience, focussing primarily on the organisation of information (and the incy-wincy parts you may never even notice). I believe swift navigation is a key element to a great product, allowing a user to find what they’re looking for as fast as possible—the same way you’ve found me. *Cheeky grin*


During the day I work in a large retail firm, lifting heavy things, answering phones and delivering ‘outstanding customer service’, (just ask out business model). I’m also striving to beat the company standards and set the new best times—my manager wants me to supervise. *Gasp*

By night, I work furiously trying to catch up on my personal design projects. Designing my own versions of game interfaces, website layouts and social media icons—I’m always looking for something to do.

I love front end web development, interactive and print design, and would love to embark on my next adventure with you.


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